2016 Priorities

Voting Rights

The right to vote is a constitutional guarantee to every citizen regardless to race, gender, class or other. It is one form of self-defense. Exactly 50 years ago there were states that were determined to set obstacles before this constitutional right in efforts to discourage citizens of color from exercising this right. The Voting Rights Act had in it safeguards to protect against impediments such as the infamous poll tax and literacy test. In 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court stripped the Voting Rights Act of the federal pre-clearance provision giving States a free had to reset the many road blocks we experienced 50 years ago. Pennsylvania courts ruled out the voter ID law attempted and this 2016 election year will be the first in 50 years without the voting rights act fully in place.

  1. The NAACP has begun an aggressive voter education campaign that we plan to cove the city.
  2. We have also formulated a research study design to survey the 1,036,000 registered voters in Philadelphia. We plan to have a report by June of 2016.



The educational system is broken to say the least. We met with the SRC Chair and yet no real solutions to repair the broken system have materialized. The NAACP advocate for an Elected School Board. We believe there should be self-governance coupled with power to control spending. This will take a self-determined public but we owe this to our children.

  1. We want proper school funding which is a just redistribution of our tax dollars. Equally we demand to know the present spending formula with an accounting to city council how these dollars are being spent.
  2. Performance standards should be a requirement for instructors that are adequately prepared to deal with children raise in an urban setting. We cannot throw money at problems and call this remedy. The NAACP demands quality education beyond a school environment of low expectation and producing under achievers.


Police Brutality 

Historically the NAACP was the sold organized effort against lynching in America. Police misconduct has taken the place of this national horror. Compounding the reality of a “rogue element” within the police force is the prosecutor/Judge connection that too often prevent justice from ever seeing the light of day.

  1. The NAACP wants an immediate end to police brutality and believe that the federal government should intercede. The NAACP supports legislation to assign a special prosecutor in all cases involving a law enforcement officer shooting, beating, harassing a citizen.
  2. The NAACP calls for the removal of Justice Eagin from the Supreme Court of the commonwealth. The emails to a network of elected officials in Pennsylvania are found to be racist and sexist in content, all unbecoming of a man slated to become chief justice in 2016.
  3. The NAACP is against HB 1538 sponsored mainly by Martina White calling for police officers involved in shootings to remain anonymous indefinitely unless they are charged with a crime. Why wear a name and badge?



Economic Inclusion

In Philadelphia where Black people make 46% of the population, we must be counted in the economic activity of this city!