President, NAACP Philadelphia Branch 1996-2014

naacp-convention-jerry-mondesire1Whyatt was elected president of the NAACP Philadelphia Branch in 1996. His unique style of leadership helped to reinvigorate the branch and increased its membership to over 5,000. A member of the NAACP since his youth, Mondesire become not only president of the Philadelphia Branch, but president of the Pennsylvania State Conference NAACP and a member of the NAACP national board.

Under his leadership the Philadelphia Branch stepped to the forefront in confronting issues impacting African-Americans. Mondesire focused on criminal justice issues by establishing an NAACP Prison Committee and was successful in overturning the ex-felon disenfranchisement law in 1999.

Mondesire represented the NAACP and was a leader in the Philadelphia Coalition Against Texaco that was organized by the Black United Fund of Pennsylvania.

j mondesire uniteHe represented the NAACP and joined a coalition of concerned African-Americans and Latinos in speaking out against unfair redistricting during the Reapportionment process. He also focused on legal justice, working closely with political activist Edwina Baker behind the scenes, for the election of African-American judges.

Mondesire’s latest focus was on speaking out for educational equity and against the dismantling of public education in Philadelphia.

j modesire naaco backHe was not afraid to speak out against injustice and inequality wherever he saw it. We will always remember the strong leadership of J. Whyatt Mondesire as president of the NAACP Philadelphia Branch.